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Wear the Hero Cape and Unleash Your Affiliate Potential!

In the dynamic world of iGaming, Hero Partners stands as a synonym of excellence, renowned for its exceptional team and more than a decade-long commitment to forging meaningful partnerships that drive success. Our expertise lies in curating a captivating portfolio of high-converting casino brands, each meticulously crafted to nurture diverse market preferences.

At Hero Partners, we believe in empowering affiliates to transcend the ordinary and become true Heroes in the iGaming Marketing World. We provide you with a vast array of promotional options, enabling you to seamlessly integrate our brands into your existing marketing strategies and amplify your earning potential.

Join Us and Ascend to New Heights

Step into the Hero Partners realm and embark on a journey of growth and fulfillment. We offer a comprehensive suite of benefits designed to elevate your affiliate career, including:

  • A Diverse Portfolio of High-Converting Brands: Discover a treasure trove of engaging casino brands, each tailored to specific markets and player demographics.


  • Competitive Commission Structures: Unleash your earning potential with our transparent and competitive commission structures, designed to reward your efforts and achievements.


  • Industry-Leading Technology: Leverage our cutting-edge technology to seamlessly integrate our brands into your marketing campaigns and track your performance in real-time.
  • Unwavering Support: Our dedicated team of experts is always at your disposal, providing personalized guidance and support to help you maximize your success.

Become a Hero Today

Don’t settle for ordinary. Embrace your inner Hero and join Hero Partners to unlock a world of limitless possibilities. Our commitment to empowering affiliates and forging enduring partnerships will propel you to new heights of success.


Welcome to the Hero Family! We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you and forge a lasting partnership that will redefine your affiliate journey. Together, we can elevate your endeavors and conquer the iGaming landscape as true Heroes.

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